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Charles Beneke has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and earned his teaching certificate at Yoga Bliss in May of 2015. He strives to bring a balance of vital energy and restorative calm to the studio when he teaches. Charles appreciates everything about yoga and especially enjoys the mindful, athletic approach of power yoga in his own practice. He loves the challenges and lessons found in balancing postures and inversions as well as the physical and spiritual opening-up that is achieved in twisting and back bending asanas. While working to achieve his RYT-200 designation, he discovered a greater appreciation for meditation. In his practice from New York to Colorado he credits the voices of many teachers as having contributed to his understanding of yoga as an evolving practice and lifestyle—Ellen McCabe, Gretchen Horinger, Amy Boswell, Tracy Rhinehart, Pamela Price, Norman Elizondo, and Kendall Smith. Charles’ practice grows with lessons learned from the presence of all his fellow yogis and teachers in each class he takes.

Beyond the yoga studio, Charles is a professor of art at The University of Akron Myers School of Art. He is a printmaker and installation artist who has exhibited internationally. He loves working in his studio, collaborating in the printshop with his students, and advocating for the arts in any way that he can. Charles holds a deep appreciation for the natural world. His work addresses global warming and disruption while calling more broadly for mindfulness and conscious attention to the social and ecological effects of our individual actions.