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RYT 200

I started practicing power Vinyasa Yoga in 2010 and quickly fell in love with the way it felt in my body and mind. Nothing beats feeling your way through a flow, connecting breath and movement intentionally. Learning my body and the natural tools it provides has helped me calm anxiety and live a healthier life more intuitively off the mat. 

When I was new to the Akron area, Yoga Bliss quickly became my community, with all the smiling, friendly faces and true connections day-to-day.  I received my 200-hour certification from Yoga Bliss’s Teacher Training program, led by Tracy Rhinehart, in 2018.


Primarily teaching Power Vinyasa, my classes offer heart-pumping, mindful flows that reflect what feels good in my body while encouraging students to feel through their own experience in their bodies. I also believe that Yin classes are an important complement to the flows, allowing the body to revitalize the fascia, tendons, and ligaments and restore range of motion.