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RYT 500

I began my yoga practice about 20 years ago.  I had 2 kids and found Ashtanga yoga was a great outlet-mind and body.  After my 3rd child, I found Steve Ross and continued practicing vinyasa flow style yoga mainly from home with as much class practice as I could find.  In 2007, a friend took me to Cleveland Yoga and I immediately felt "home."  I continued there for years and in 2010 went to New York and did my Level 1 Baptiste certification with Baron Baptiste.  I came home and started teaching.  Since then, I've studied more Ashtanga (primary series A), received my level 2 Reiki certification, and my 500 hour teacher training certification though Circle Yoga Shala with Matt and Holly Krepps.

I'm inspired by every teacher and class I've had!  You can ALWAYS learn something!  I love music and want my classes to be meaningful but light and freeing.  

I started yoga rigid-I wanted a workout.  Through many years and many, many tears, I have come to see that yoga will absolutely "work you out."  If you allow it-it  can transform you and soften you and help carry you through whatever life throws your way.  I want my students to get that above all else.  The physical part is already there-built into a vinyasa  practice, but the spiritual part is the core-it is what carries you off your mat and what ultimately transforms you.

My favorite pose today (and this changes often)!  is Child's pose.  It always feels safe and like home.