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When I took my first yoga class in college, I hated it. It was really hot, I couldn’t touch the floor in a fold, and I did NOT wear the right kind of top for that class. I remember laying there at the end of class wondering if I could ever be as flexible as that girl way at the front or if I would ever recover from sweating so much. The physical practice became a challenge for me to overcome. I bought a nice mat, an unlimited monthly pass, and a better tank top. What I found though, was that as different teachers put their spin on yoga, I was getting much more out of these 75 minutes than I ever imagined. Next thing I know, I’m signed up for yoga teacher training and studying sanskrit in between biochem.

My favorite thing about yoga is silence. I can be in a room with 30 other people breathing, music playing, a teacher cueing, and find silence in myself. I can take a moment in a long grocery store line and find peace. That sweet spot of observance and releasing that allows me to be present in a way that I would have never been before.

My teaching style is challenging, empowering, and fun! I think making the practice playful can be the best way to keep the self-judgement at bay, so smiling and laughing is encouraged! I love to help students find their edge and decide whether to push past to explore a little or allow themselves to soften into a place of ease.