Hot Studio maintained at 90 degrees or more using a state-of-the art system that heats and humidifies fresh air.
Non-Heated Studio maintained at a comfortable 70 degrees for a less intense practice.


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Child Care

Childcare is available at the Fairlawn Studio during certain morning classes. Cost is $5 for one child and $7 for two or more children per class. The childcare room has movies, books, and toys that do not present a choking hazard. Please make a reservation for morning childcare by 4 p.m. the afternoon before by calling 330-576-6687.

Inclement Weather Policy

In determining whether to cancel classes due to snow, we will take our lead from the area schools. If they close, we will likely cancel our 5:30/6:00 & 8:00 am classes. We will make this change to the schedule and send out a newsletter to everyone on our mailing list by 5:00 a.m. However, we will play it by ear for the remaining classes of the day, as often the roads are cleared by 9:30. So, please check the online schedule which will be updated as we decide whether it is safe to travel for your yoga fix! In the case of school closings due to high winds or low temperatures, we will stay open as long as we have electricity.

Blissful Etiquette

Arrive on Time

Getting to class early gives you time to sign in, relax, and prepare to practice. However, life happens and sometimes arriving late is inevitable. If this occurs, please have your mat ready to unroll quietly as you enter the room.

No Cell Phones

Please turn off or silence your cell phone before entering the studio. If there is an emergency and it is necessary for you to have your phone with you during class, PLEASE be sure it is on silent.


Read the “Class Descriptions” tab to know what class is appropriate for your level of experience. If you have any questions that are not answered by the descriptions, feel free to call and talk to a yogi at the front desk!


Tell your teacher about any injuries or special health conditions that might affect your practice. Doing so will enable the teacher to suggest modifications to help you enjoy your practice more.

Practice Good Hygiene and Avoid Wearing Scents

Keep clothing and yoga gear fresh and clean, avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes, and do NOT skip deodorant. After class, feel free to wipe down your mat with our mat cleaner made of witch hazel, tea tree oil,  & other essential oils.


Before class, speak in hushed tones.  Be mindful of the volume of your conversations. During class, talking is a major distraction for those around you, so please be respectful and refrain from conversation with your neighbor.

Some Things are Meant to Stay Private

Please wear clothing that will not reveal your private parts in full (or partial) glory to your fellow yogis when you are upside down or drenched in sweat!

Kindness is Cool

Be kind to the front desk yogi, the frightened-looking new guy in the class, and the Karmic yogi who cleans sweat off the floor. Altogether now: “In the end, only kindness matters.”

MOST importantly, have fun and thank you for maintaining the magic of our studio!