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MD, UZIT, Reiki 3, RYT 200

Twenty-five years of practice as a pediatric emergency medicine physician has cultivated my desire to discover and practice healing for the mind, body, and spirit. I enjoy combining a western knowledge base with eastern healing practices.

My journey began 20 years ago with Reiki training and yoga practice as a means to find a sense of calm well-being. The beauty and power of this practice led to training in Urban Zen Integrative Therapy. This therapy combines yoga restorative poses, pranayama, essential oil therapy, guided body awareness mediation, & reiki to allow the participant to experience moments of calm in the midst of the chaos of life. Yoga nidra, a powerful systematic guided meditation practice, has become the latest addition to my healing toolbox.


Come and join me for a practice that includes asana, pranayama, guided meditation, yoga nidra, essential oils, restorative poses, and Reiki to accompany you on your journey to your true self. My favorite pose is viparita karani outdoors with the sky between my toes.