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CYT 500

Off the mat, I enjoy hiking, traveling, card making, visiting art museums, spending time outdoors, not cooking, and reading the Sunday New York Times. I am grateful for my husband, Alan, our blended family of five children, our two golden retrievers, and the coolest cat in the world.

I am a Spanish teacher who is always looking to practice español (you may hear a few Latino songs in my classes).  I balance my schedule between teaching Spanish at the University of Akron and yoga at Yoga Bliss. 

In 2014, I earned my 200-hour teacher training certificate with Amy Boswell, and in 2019 I completed my 300-hour teacher training certificate with Tracy Rinehart. Ardha Chandrasana (Balancing Half Moon) and Trikonasana (Triangle) are a couple of my favorite asanas because it feels so good to be grounded and present. In my classes I share my positive, nurturing energy to help students advance their practice and find a calm centeredness. On and off the mat, my intention is to focus on simplicity, compassion, and patience.