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RYT 200

Nickname: Mostly just my name, but I do hear Mom, Señora and my friend in Costa Rica affectionately calls me María Laurie because so many women have María for their first name.

Favorite food: Roasted veggies with salmon, black beans and rice, fresh salsa, guacamole and oranges.

Favorite place: Home, but I also love O’Neill Woods, Madrid, Vancouver, Oban and Oslo.

Guilty pleasure: Dark chocolate, fresh bread, dark strong coffee, and red wine.

Hobbies: Hiking, travel, card making, visiting art museums, spending time outdoors and yoga!

Who do you most admire and why? KInd-hearted, giving, gentle, and honest people who are making a difference in the world and not calling attention to themselves.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why? Ardha Chandrasana (Balancing Half Moon) because it feels so good to be grounded, present, since it is a balancing asana, yet also free and expanding all at the same time.

When did you start practicing yoga? I began practicing yoga 6 years ago in the valley. I discovered Yoga Bliss a year after the opening and that’s when my yoga practice really grew.

Describe your teaching style? Nurturing and calm. My intent is to be present and to encourage each student to grow and enjoy their practice.

What is your motto: Simplicity, compassion, and patience.