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RYT 200

Norman and George are my 2 Maltese fur kids.  My hobbies include weight training, hiking and reading.  

I’m an RYT 200 yoga instructor who’s currently enrolled in Tracy Rhinehart’s RYT 300 Program.  So many yoga instructors and enthusiasts inspire me.  I value a positive attitude, an inspirational leader and an innovator/forward thinker.  Strength, yoga breaths, perseverance and a strong mind lift me higher relative to students and community.  

Half Moon is my favorite pose.  It’s a pose that requires a strong and steady mind.  It personifies an open heart and a stable foundation.  The different variations allow me to discover my fullest expression.  

The classes I teach are packed with power and cooling asanas.  Longer holds in an effort for the student to connect mind, body and breath as well as build strength and stability is abundant in a class I teach.  There is always a message sprinkled into my classes.  The message is intended to bring awareness of self discovery to our students accompanied with a  sense of empowerment, grace and self acceptance.  Students will feel the challenge of power yoga asanas in my class while feeling the support of community lifting them higher.