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Table Massage

This table massage will rejuvenate the body and mind as well as aid in stress release and pain management. Massage increases flexibility, improves sleep, and is a great way to boost your immunity. Massage improves circulation and helps to drain and release waste from the lymphatic system, promoting overall better health. Performed by Julie Shepherd, who uses the highest quality organic, chemical free oils and lotions and tailors each massage to her client's specific needs. 

60 Minute - $75 | 90 Minute - $110


Thai Massage is deep, therapeutic bodywork with roots in Yoga, Buddhism, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine. Dubbed “Lazy Person’s Yoga,” this 2,500 year-old healing art is a powerful combination of assisted yoga stretches, compression-based massage techniques, acupressure, and energy work. This transformative therapy is performed fully clothed on a comfortable mat on the floor by Tracy Rhinehart. 

60 Minute - $85.00 | 90 Minute - $125.00 | 120 Minute - $150.00


Reiki is a Japanese technique that facilitates the flow of ki (also known as prana or chi) for healing and relaxation — very similar to the benefits of a yoga practice. Reiki promotes well-being, reduces stress and aids in the releasing of resistance that often causes physical ailments. Reiki is performed while you lie on your back on a massage table fully clothed. The session will be performed by Cortney Martinelli, Reiki Master, and will begin with the testing of your chakras. This information is used to help guide the practitioner while using the ancient technique of gentling laying hands — starting at the head and ending at the feet.

60 minute - $60


Body Wisdom is a way to talk to your body. While resting comfortably on a futon-mat, you are guided into a deep state of meditation. By engaging in specific dialogue with your body, chronic stress, fear, pain and past emotion can be released. As these unproductive patterns are cleared from your body, healthier, more empowering thoughts and beliefs are affirmed. This therapeutic process includes suggestions for life practices that support your desired outcomes. The initial session involves an overview of the body's energetic centers. Following sessions delve deeper into specific healing work. A fill series of this powerful process involves the body scan and seven in-depth sessions performed by Tracy Rhinehart. 

60 Minute - $75