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RYT 200

Nickname: PJ

Favorite food: Asparagus and avocados. With anything, in anything or on anything!

Favorite place: Home, Scuba Diving in Bonaire with my husband, my yoga mat, and anywhere I can get sand in my toes.

Guilty Pleasures: Red wine, truffle fries and blue cheese brie.

Hobbies: Making art, gardening & cooking. 

Who do you most admire and why? My teachers and fellow artists for their dedication to bringing beauty to our world.(art & yoga!)

What is your favorite yoga pose and why? Tree Pose. I love that I can feel both floaty relaxed and vibrantly alive in every inch of my limbs. It let's me put all of me out there and feel strong and calm. 

When did you start practicing yoga? I started practicing in 2002 while recovering from knee surgery and continued to wander onto and off my mat until a regular practice interlaced itself into my life in 2011.

Who are your teachers and where did you train? I graduated from Yoga Bliss's Power Yoga TT program in 2013! Amy Boswell Graves & Tracy Rhinehart provided the most stimulating, challenging and fulfilling experience I have ever had. I will continue to learn from them and the entire YB staff and its students. I truly feel that life's teachers are everywhere in everything always available as long as our hearts and eyes are open.

Describe your teaching style: Heartfelt, challenging and fun.

What is your motto? Keep an open mind and stay positive and passionate. You never know where one little idea can go unless you try!