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Nickname: Bones  

Favorite food: I am somewhat of a foodie, so this is a tough one!  Fresh Thai spring rolls and red curry, salad, any vegetable, avocados, Satsumas... the list goes on and on!

Favorite place: Anywhere with sunshine and a beach!

Guilty pleasure: Long hot showers, sleeping in, French fries, and great wine.  

Hobbies: Yoga, traveling, interior design, cooking, music, dancing, hiking with the dog.

Who do you admire most? Anyone with the courage to try something new.

When did you start practicing? I attended my first yoga class in 2014 and immediately fell in love.  The rest is history! 

Favorite yoga pose: Wild thing, dancer, rag doll.   

Teaching style: Fun, energetic, challenging. 


“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”